Monday, April 6, 2009

Crochet Fleurettes

Ok, someone started a thread on SCS about crochet fleurettes and everyone has been generously sharing tips and tutorials. I learned to crochet in Home Economics in elementary school in the Philippines. Yes, they teach that kind of stuff there at an early age. I had to make a complete set of doilies or something like that (well, I kind of cheated and my aunts helped me finish my project because I was too clumsy with the yarn and needle). My late grandmother's hobby and passion was crocheting doilies and blankets. She also taught me a thing or two. After this project, I don't think I tried to pick up a needle and thread for a while until I started my internship for college. My internship was in Pennsylvania and luckily my "honorary aunt" lived close by and I decided to take on crocheting again as a hobby since she was a big crochet-er (is that even a word?) herself. I bought a needle and some yarn...then when I was done with college, I started a career so the whole crocheting thing was put aside again. Until now...

Well, on to the flowers...

I used this diagram from to make the large flower. I only made two layers because otherwise it would be too bulky to put on a project. Maybe too large for a card. Mypicot has a great list of stitch symbols and how to crochet each one so it was a breeze once I got the hang of the stitches again. This one took a while because I had to figure out how to layer the bottom petals and with some patience and research, I found a great tutorial with pics and shows to layer underneath the first layer.

Here is the diagram for the large flower: Irish Flower
Here is the link on how to layer a flower: Layering Flower Technique

Another gal on SCS posted a link of a video tutorial on how to make 5 petal flower (small enough to embellish your cards and even make into barrettes. This is the easiest flower I have ever crocheted. I made about 4 of them within 30 mins.

Here is the link to the video tutorial for the small flower: 5 petal flower

Check out the rest of the tutorials on Little Birdie Secrets...they have some other ones I want to try at a later date. I still have to conquer my crochet rave right now.

ETA: For all of the flowers, I used a size 5 needle and not sure what size thread. I've had this yarn since college - yikes *wince*.