Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Digiments Challenge #2

Hey ya'll! Happy Wednesday! I didn't want to forget to post about the Digiments challenge #2 going on right now. Michelle will be posting a free digiment to work with every week until the new release - June 13 is the big day so mark your calendars!!!

All you have to do is make a card using the free digiment she's posted on the blog. Make sure you participate in as many as you can because she is offering once more the oompaloompa prize of winning the entire June release! But this time, she will be picking TWO winners. If you love her digiments, you will want to participate and win this one for sure! Michelle just keeps coming up with some pretty cool digiments versatile for any type of papercrafting project.

I am hoping to make a sample card this week using the free digiment since I did not get a chance to work on one for last week, but that will be in a later post...Until then, make sure to stop on by the Digiments blog to download the latest and greatest digiments up for grabs! So get your hiney over there and make a card or two...