Monday, May 11, 2009

A Wonderful Mother's Day...

It was a wonderful day yesterday...not because it was Mom's day, but for 10 specific reasons:

1) We finally had some nice weather here in MN - close to 60 degrees. Yes, we Minnesotans celebrate days when we get full sun coverage ALL DAY! In fact it was so nice or nice enough that some people went out in shorts.

2) My son made me a gift at preschool. They created this concrete garden stake for all of the Moms.

3) My son brought me breakfast in bed. He must have heard my hubby tell me that he would serve me breakfast in bed (I'd be too scared that something might spill on the bed so I told him I would settle for his world famous breakfast and eat at the table). My son brought me a banana and raisins. Then he created some fake tickets to a Bionicles show he put together after breakfast or rather brunch. He put on some background music from Prehistoric Animals DVD and created a scene with all of his Bionicles characters. He even made some fake money so we could buy something to eat while we watched. It was all so cleverly planned! LOL!

4) My hubby gave me a card with the most thoughtful note in it. He is so good with words and I started crying.

5) My hubby made his world famous breakfast. It consists of scrambled eggs, sausage, and pancakes. He used to make it every weekend for us when we used to live in IL. But since becoming a teacher, he seldom makes it since he goes to work even on the weekends. So it was a special treat...I never let him near the stove unless he is cooking his world famous breakfast - LOL!

6) I told my hubby that I didn't want flowers for Mother's Day since they don't last very long so he suggested that he get me flowers to grow outside. So we took a trip to Home Depot and bought some flowers - not really knowing exactly what I was picking out but nontheless bought some. We'll see how long these last - teehee!

7) Joann's had a sale on crochet thread so I bought some more colors to make more crochet fleurettes. I bought a few colored ones so you will be seeing them on my cards soon. They also had the value pack cardstock on sale for $1.99 so that was a bonus too!

8) I went back to Target and bought the rest of the $1 autograph frames they had. You can't beat a buck for a frame!

9) After all of the store hopping, we went out to dinner. We have been wanting to go to this restaurant called Ground Round in town. Our tummies were rumbling so by the time our food came, the kids just scarfed down their food. I, of course, the meat eater that I am, ordered a big plate of Steak Gorgonzola. It was good and I licked the plate clean (ok, I really didn't do that, but nothing was left on my plate except the baked potato skin).

10) And last but not least, I got to spend it with my most favorite hubby and kids! They are the best!

It was really late by the time we got home, but it was one of the best Mother's Day! I hope everyone's day was just as special as mine.


Rebecca said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a great day!

Jennifer Scull said...

you have made me smile - really BIG!!! :D