Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love of Our Lost Ones...Sympathy Card

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter weekend. Quite frankly, the weekend went way too fast! Although, the weather decided to cooperate and we had some nice sunny weather for once. We went to our favorite restaurant, Super China Buffet, and stuffed ourselves and then we went to the park. My son had asked to have our own Easter egg hunt at home so we made sure to buy some treats before heading home. I almost forgot as I was getting the eggs ready that I had bought the kids bug catchers and magnifying glass to use when we go camping awhile back so I used those as their Easter gifts.

Anyway, I got to thinking this weekend that I forgot to post some other things I was working on. That is what happens when you are not connected with the blogging world as much...

I created this vintage sympathy card using one of Elegant WordArt sentiments by Bethany. I found this quote on the SCS website and asked Bethany to re-create this for me. I just love how this sentiment is not gender or age specific.

For this card, I also decided to try out rolling a flower out of felt. First, I cut out a circle then started cutting a swirly on the inside of the circle to make my flower. I know i followed a sketch for this one, but I can't seem to remember which one since this was made sometime late last year.