Tuesday, March 31, 2009

RAK needed for elderly sick man

I came across this post on SCS:

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to collect 94 cards to help cheer up Elton who is 94; he's been EXTREMELY sick lately. Elton is a very interesting character with a very wicked sense of humor. He has been married 69 years and this June he will celebrate his 70th wedding anniversary. I am not related to Elton, however he's my good friend's father-in-law. Please help if you can! If you are interested in sending Elton a card please PM me and I'll send you my email address. I'm hoping to receive 94 cards by April 10th. Thanks for helping out and putting a smile on Elton's face!!!

This is an opportunity to send some thoughtful wishes to Elton and his wife as they celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary and to send some cheer his way (I am sure after reading all of the cards, he'll forget that is sick for just even a moment). My card went postal today... now it's your turn!

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