Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Did someone say Uggs???

Do you love Uggs? I DO! Ugg boots are such a rave right now!!! I was fortunate enough to get a pair from my Mom this past Christmas. And boy, they are one of the warmest boots you'll ever wear - keeps your feet toasty warm! For those of you who live in Minnesota, you know you'd need a pair of these babies because of the harsh winters! Would love to win another pair! 

Click HERE to find out more deets on how to enter for a drawing!!!
Happy Ugg-ing!

Sheepskin boots


Jess said...

I must agree Uggs are a fabulous shoe! I even have my Uggs on now and am definitely enjoying that my toes feel cozy warm. I wouldn't know how to get through winter without them.

Tasha Hickert said...

Thanks for sharing this chance to win! I love, love, love mine! Last winter I had to roll out of bed, go out in a blizzard and shovel snow so that my dh's truck could get in the drive. I slipped on my Uggs and my feet stayed toasty warm --and DRY for the entire time. They are worth every penny.