Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Disney Clear Stamps

I just had to share this on my blog - I had seen some Disney Princess stamps that Lauren Meader used to make invites for one of her daughters' birthday. Of course, being a stamp addict and all, I just had to have a set. She purchased hers from Target...of course, the next time we went to Target (which is not very often), I went a hunting for these cool stamps. But to no avail, Target did not have them or at least did not have them in stock. Soooo, being there is only 1 Target in my area, I asked my sister, who lives in Illinois, to hunt them down for me. There are several Target stores close to where she lives so I thought she would have better luck. Of course, she came to the rescue and found the stamps at a Super Target and they were the only packs left. Actually, she went ahead and bought me a Disney Mickey and Friends stamp set too - isn't she sweet? Both sets were $19.99 each and comes with 33 stamps. I just got them in the mail today! I am so excited to get my hands on these so I just couldn't bare to share! I guess there were also Hanna Montana and High School Musical sets as well.

Got lots of new toys to play with...My sister's daughter's 2nd birthday is coming up so stay tuned for a Princess gift set.