Sunday, October 5, 2008

Take Time To Give

There are things we take for granted many times and often are too busy to think about others. This post is about "Giving" - giving back to others. I was browsing through some the of companies part of the members forum at SCS for challenges posted for WCMD! I came upon this post from Korin (Sweet n' Sassy Stamps) regarding her niece, Janessa, who turns 2 on October 13. Click here for her story. I was just bawling after reading a couple of the journal entries her parents had written. Janessa reminded me of my own daughter - just a little sunshine, a strong willed, vibrant little girl.

I, for one, did not get a chance to do any stamping during the day. But made time to do something special last night. I made a card for Janessa's 2nd birthday using Gina K's "Just So Hippy" set. I bought this set awhile back and never got to inking it until now. Korin mentioned that Janessa likes it when her parents read to her when she is in the hospital, so I decided to pass down two animal books I used to read to my two children - they have so many books, I don't think they would mind *wink*. Both of the books have giraffes in them so the "Just So Hippy" set was perfect.

Also, you will be entered for a $100 gift certificate at SNSS if you plan to participate to create a card for Janessa's 2nd birthday and make her day special. So who's with me????

I will share the card in the next post once I get a chance to take a pic of it...