Friday, October 3, 2008

Rachelle Anne Miller

Don't you just love Rachelle Anne Miller's illustrations? She is one talented gal! I love her whimsical yet soft and delicate designs. Kind of reminds me of Precious Moments but Rachelle Anne Miller's designs are more colorful. I came across her blog when she recently became an official illustrator for StampAvie and they started seling her stamp line. I don't own any of Rachelle's stamps yet, but hopefully one of these days - they are just adorable. Because many people adore her illustrations so much, she gave bloggers permission to use her images in blog banners. Me, being a newbie at blogging and editing, can't figure out how to resize the image so that it fits in the blog banner without superimposing itself on top of the blog title and header. I found a picture with this cute little dog in it and thought it would be appropriate image for my blog. I emailed Rachelle to let her know that I was using one of her images and hope she gives me the thumbs up that I used it as a sidebar pic instead.

Well, it's the end of the week - Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!